No Man’s Sky – In Progress Review


No Man’s Sky: In Progress Review

– David ML

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Here is my review in progress after playing for about 2 weeks and over 60 hours.

First and Foremost, I’m really enjoying this game a lot! It’s an excellent example of a game that goes great lengths to make space exploration fun, with resource gathering which isn’t for everyone but if you like Minecraft or World of Warcraft then it shouldn’t bother you much in this game as it’s right in your wheelhouse.

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The elements of exploration, scanning, space travel, ect, gives you something beautiful to look at. Gorgeous Planets and Exotic Flora doesn’t make it as boring as watching people in videos play. The one thing that can get annoying is the sentinels on a lot of the planets will attack you after only mining a few resources which is kind of dumb. They should tone that down a bit. Maybe cap it at something like after 1000 of it then if you don’t stop until they go away they will attack or even 500. It’s a small nitpick, but it can be annoying.

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The art style is amazing if you are into this kind of style, even if you are not, looking into the sky at the other planets or moons is beautiful and posting some pics on facebook people are impressed by it and ask what is that. The art on the planets is very similar to The Witness which is also very pretty, it could be off putting or some that like more realistic graphics.

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Another slightly off-putting distraction is the dithering/pop in, there is a ton of it, especially if you are flying in the air. Not sure if its the PS4 not being powerful enough or just the procedural aspect of the game. Could be a little of booth, its a slight annoyance but most time if you are just walking around in the group its not that noticeable.

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I see some people complain about how you see similar looking plants and animals on different planets and even in different system, I am not sure why that is such a big deal since in real life that is how it would be anyways. You have to remember what shows up on these planets is procedural so its math based. So for example, you tend to see those tall mushrooms grow on different planets but just a different size or color. Well mushrooms are basically a fungus so they should show up on different planets if they have similar conditions to each other.

Even with animals lets say somewhere in our universe there was another planet almost like earth, one would thing that it would have similar life and plants like earth does.

The one nitpick I will say is sometimes what is on certain planets does not always make sense. Like if a planet if -100c, one would think there would not be much plant life but sometimes there is, but I guess you could just chalk that up to evolution and say those plants got a resistance to the cold.

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But at least for me visiting about 40 to 50 planets or moons so far, I have only seen a few animals that look similar to each other and those are usually on the same planet and always belong to the same species.

The little touches in the game are great though, like how if you are on a super cold planet, you will see ice on your visor start to form, and I love that and it was a nice surprise. Things like that are nice to see.

As for the storyline, the game does have a story, but its more looking for the lore, kind of like dark souls, where you could just play the game, kill all the bosses or in this case just jump from planet to planet and miss all the lore. You need to seek out the NPCs, or the monoliths, some have fun facts or puzzles or a choice of what to do.

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There is also something weird going on in some bases, which hopefully will pan out. Sean did say there are two endings so that is good. A lot of people complain about what happens when you get to the center of the galaxy, but those people have not really beaten the game. There are a lot of secrets to this game and a lot of the people who are speaking negativly about the story or “ending” are missing out on a lot. This game does not hold your hand nor does it spoon feed you information, it’s a puzzle and you need to figure it out. That is the huge part of this game that a lot of people are missing.

The only real issues which need to be patch ASAP is the sever always going down, which makes it a pain to upload your discoveries, I always wait until it’s in the green, so I know they are getting uploaded to the server. This has been fixed since release but it still does go down a few times while playing, but not as bad as before.

This could also be why those two players could not see each other because the servers were probably down. The best way to fix this would just be, if you are in someone’s solar system and someone else is there too, one of you invites them into their game server and then you see each other. Like an MMO instance basically or even dark souls when you invade someone or have them join your game. That should be super easy to implement, it could even happen automatically.

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The crashing has been mostly fixed with patches, that is the major issue this game has. Sean Murray said the latest patch will fix 90% of the crashes. I have not had a crash in about 3 days so that seems to be accurate.

The other issue is how dumb it was to not have a quit option on the menu, you have to basically force quit your game, which I am not sure why they did not have an easy quit feature. Seems like an odd omission.

There are a few other nitpicks like why no mini map for the planet you are on and why can’t you easily find the old planets you discovered and go right back to them. Those are things they can easily patch and need to be to be honest.

But all and all i really enjoy this game, its going to be polarizing for most like Minecraft where some love it or some hate it. But if you love space exploration IMO this game is a must buy.

After 60 hours so far id give it a 8.0 , it could go up if once they patch more things into it like Minecraft did or diablo III, the vanilla versions of those games were ok at best but now they are great. I am still finding all the secrets the game has to offer, like how to open portals.  That is probably the key to really finishing the game.

If they keep up with patches and keep adding newer and better things this game could be even better. It’s going to have its growing pains but even in its vanilla version, I am enjoying the hell out of it.


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